Tournaments at Epping

The Club holds three tournament sessions a year and entry is free to all club members. They consist of a Club Championship in early May, together with a ladies, veterans and junior championship.  In October there is a tournament for players below First Team standard, one for players below Silver League , a handicapped mixed doubles and a racket ball competition. The most popular tournament of the year occurs in February and is a handicapped singles called the Waneroo after a town in Australia who run their own Epping handicapped tournament. Members of the club who don't normally have the opportunity to play the top people in the club, are able to do so.  At the same time there is a Ladies' handicapped tournament, and the Club Doubles.  Finals days are usually well attended and despite the closure of the bar some time ago, drink and food are provided at a low cost.


The various tournaments, in detail, are:



February - The Handicapped Competitions 
Club Handicapped Competition - 'The Waneroo'
Ladies Handicapped - 'The Fiona McLeod Trophy '
Club Mixed Doubles Handicapped Tournament


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Ladies 2015 Champion - Katie Hancock
May/June - The Club Championships
The Club Championship - 'The Freddie Limer
Ladies Championship - 'The Hardy Rose bowl
Veterans Championship - 'The Neville Redman
Junior Championship - 'The Jeremy Mitchell

Club Championship - open to All,  any age

Ladies Championship - open to all Ladies, any age

Veterans - open to anyone over 45 years of age

Junior championship - open to anyone 17 and under

August to October - Limited Entry,                                                          click for draws
The Jameson Plate - For players below First Team standard
The Batchelor Cup - Limited Entry (Excludes Jameson Plate Ranked Players)
Club Mixed Doubles - Handicapped Tournament
Racket Ball Competition - Le Baigue
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